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Your professional on-site relief managers and business support managers

Management Rights

 We KNOW Management Rights
Need relief managers? You can rely on our on-site relief managers or business support managers that have a proven track record to complement your business ethos and Caretaker or on-site Management needs.

They know how to run YOUR business YOUR way
We all understand the complexity of your relief management needs and we all know what you go thru in your business every day. We've "been there and done that".  Like you, we've experienced that feeling of being married to your businesses 24/7 and the stress of surviving all sorts of difficult situations, just like YOU. Our individual stress management process has helped us all live thru dramas or situations which sometimes seem unreasonable and unfair. It's not new, it happens every day, it's the nature of our industry and it's what we have all learned to live with. I’m NOT saying it is easy, it is not easy. But regular holidays HELP. We understand YOUR business and want to make it easy as possible for you to be able to afford yourself regular holidays.

Holidays, YOUR Stress Management release
Your BEST way to relieve any of your work-related STRESS is to get away from your business and Go on Holidays. You can get one of our ON Site managers to look after your business for you while you are away rejuvenating or relaxing in some far corner of the world or going full on at some intense foreign ritual. You may have a special function or emergency you need to go away for. We can help you leave whenever you want and stay away for as long as you need. You’re legally allowed 4 weeks holiday a year so why not make the most of it, life’s TOO SHORT so spoil yourself with the holidays you deserve. 

Your business support managers when you need them
Your relief managers will have proven hands-on experience gained from owning or relief managing  Management Rights, Holiday Resorts, Permanent Letting businesses or MOTELS for many years. 
They will be sourced from Management Rights Relief unique register of individual relief managers and relief manager couples who are actively involved in relief management appointments in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast.

Your relief managers tailored to your needs
You can have a relief manager as your off-site emergency phone contact who lives nearby and is capable of handling disasters or to give confidence to anyone needing support. This is only suitable for smaller permanent letting type complexes. If your Management Rights is a sizable business you will need the added protection of our complete ON Site Management Support by appointing your Relief Manager couple to live on site to run your business 24/7. 

 Matching your relief manager to your needs.
Your relief managers are matched to suit your
 needs by applying the following sort criteria : 
1.Experience with running your businesses size, type and configuration.
2.Competency with the computer software programs you use.
3.Availability for the dates you require and if it's live on-site appointment. 
4. Proximity to your location and knowledge of your region.
5.Any necessary Licensing or compliance requirements you have. 

YOU CAN Start Planning YOUR holiday NOW! 

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