We have the largest team of Relief Managers in Queensland


Why choose Management Rights Relief to appoint your relief managers?

  • We have the largest team of Relief Managers in Queensland

  • With so many relief managers to choose from  you are virtually guaranteed to have your relief managers when you need them, even at short notice or in emergencies and for as long as you want.

  • We know which relief managers specialise in your business and who are available for your holiday dates.

  • You save yourself the time, energy and frustration of having to search thru out dated relief managers ads full of people who are NO longer involved, NOT interested or NOT available.

  • We know what is necessary to run your business the way you want and we all understand from experience the importance of  looking after the integredy of your Body Corporate caretaking  obligations as well as your day to day building compliance requirement, we have all "been there and done that". Just like YOU.
  • Because we know which of our managers are best suited to running your type of business and your trust account receipting program you will be getting  the best relief managers available.
  • Your relief managers are paid as contractors. No Superannuation, no sick days, no holiday loading, no termination pay or any permanent or casual workplace expenses and the cost of your holiday relief management is 100% tax deductable.

Our team at Management Rights Relief is a group of relief managers who are currently available to run Permanent letting , Holiday letting Management Rights or Motels when the owners go away on holidays.
Every manager has hand-on practical expertise learnt from ownership or relief managing Management Rights businesses or  Motels for many years.

The fact that we enjoy being involved in the management of businesses in the Management Rights industry is testimony to our ability to excel and survive in an environment which can sometimes be very challenging.
We are GOOD at what we DO.
I started Management Rights Relief in 2014 as a means of promoting myself as a relief manager to fill in time after streamlining the operations of my own MR business.It was virtually to give me something to do.
Management Rights Relief has grown to be the largest team of relief managers in Queemsland.

We have successfully completed dozens of relief management appointments of every description,

many of them on a repeat basis.
The Relief Management work that can be handled by 1 person I do myself.

For relief management appointments requiring a Manager Couple I find them from our list of managers registered as being available and actively involved with relief management.
 Recently, I have added casual Body Corporate cleaners, vacating tenant exit cleaners, gardeners/ landscapers and property maintenance members to our team of individual personelle.

These new support people will help in the cost effective relief management of the smaller type Management Rights businesses whose owners need to go on holidays but don't need managers full time when they are away.

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